Sentiments from the Alford Family to Groveton High theater dept.


"When a child aspires to expand the depth of their knowledge beyond what is required, it should be celebrated, encouraged and vigorously supported. By supporting our youth now, we plant seeds of confidence, that with time, blossom into an assorted array of flowers. Once cultivated, they create a wonderfully varied, inspiring garden of hope for our future." - Anonymous

Mrs. Alford believed for the children she parented; her students, those things they deemed unattainable for themselves. She had an unwavering faith in the gifts, dreams and ambitions of the your she encountered. She encouraged their growth in every aspect of their lives.

The Alford family is honored that the young thespians and students of the Groveton High School Theater Department established a scholarship in her honor. Our family is proud and honored to contribute to the Billie Mark Alford Memorial Scholarship.

Most Sincerely, James, Shandy, Julia and Jamie