Why do we trash the stands at all of the football games?

Dear Editor,

Groveton is a school known for its pride. Once you're a Groveton Indian you're always a Groveton Indian. However, if we bleed red and we have so much pride in our school, then why do we trash the stands at all of the football games? Do we leave trash lying around when we are watching the Super Bowl at home? Being a Groveton Ex-Student I admire Groveton. I'm privileged to be from such a wonderful town. However, as I approached the track the morning after our first district game, I was astonished by what I saw. When I stepped on the track the stench of aging food filled the nostrils. As I looked around I saw trash everywhere. There was trash in the bleachers, under the bleachers, on the track, and even on the field.

While we are in the excitement of the game we don't realize how disrespectful and selfish we are being by leaving our trash all over the place. While we're sitting in the stands we don't see trash we see a football game. It's when no one is in the stands that you see the damage done. The football stadium is a direct reflection of our community because we come from a town with so much football tradition. When people think of Groveton they think of the "Groveton Indians." Coming from generations of a prideful community, lets take one small step and pick up our own trash and hope everyone else does the same. Let's make our football stadium a symbol of our community we are proud of.

Jordyn Rogers