By: Martha Harrison Mericle
GHS Class of 1972

Homecoming is here! We are so excited and looking forward to visiting with returning alumni! The Commons Area will be our headquarters and we are thankful to Deborah Queen and Deborah Wilson for helping us provide refreshments for the festivities. These ladies are invaluable. We will also have order blanks for the New Groveton Indian Blanket. The cost will be $50 and if needed, add $5 for shipping. The blanket will be on display so please get yours ordered. If you don't make homecoming, you can send your check or money order to Groveton High School, Attn: Cory Walters, PO Box 700 Groveton TX 75845. All organizations are represented on the blanket and it is a true keepsake! The Groveton Baseball Team is selling this blanket and our players are hard working ball smart boys. They made the play-offs last year and represented our school with skill and sportsmanship. Please order early.

Remember the Loose Gravel Band, featuring David Rosser, Class of 1976, will entertain on the Square following the football game Friday night. Tickets are Family $25, Couples $15, Single $10. Remember the Baptist Church will host 5th Quarter for grades 6-12. The street dance will last from the end of the game until 1:00 a.m. Volunteers may be needed so contact Melissa Mericle Kemper if you have a willing and helpful spirit. We are still searching for a sponsor for the expense of the band so let Melissa know if you are interested!

Homecoming is our bi-annual membership drive. Dues are $10 bi-annually or $50 for Life Time Membership. We also do our best to update our membership roll during this time. Betty Kennedy Whittlesey, Class of 1961, Life Member L-077, is our Vice-President and manages the membership roll. Our day-to-day operating expenses are covered by your payment of membership dues. Your membership is important! Please come prepared.

Please check out this weeks insert. "The Smoke Signal" is the time-honored publication of the Ex-Students. Our Publicity Chairman, Darlene Pyle, Class of 1950, Life Member L-527 has surpassed our goal in securing advertising. The 8th Grade Journalism Class under the guidance of teacher Sally Seale has produced a masterpiece and we say, "Hats Off To You"! This paper is a true keepsake for each and every Groveton Ex-Student! We are proud of them and their hard work!

Tickets for the Hall of Fame will be available during registration and at the door on Saturday. Tickets are $15 and we have planned for two hundred attendees. Cheryl Cartwright, Class of 1976, Life Member L-378 will man the ticket booth so let her know if you have called ahead for yours. Please take time from your busy schedule and attend! The well deserving recipients are: P.D. and Florine Hamilton, Bill and Ben Rasbeary, James V. Anderson and Eva S. McLeod. Invite a friend and better than that, bring a student to the luncheon. Unless we teach our youth the ins and outs of maintaining and growing our organization, we are in trouble. Bring your kids and grandkids and let them see your beginnings. Let them see the foundation you built upon! They will be impressed.

The parade will line up no earlier than 8:30 a.m. at the north end of the football field. Tiger Worsham, Class of 1979 will be there to assist. If you will please call 936-642-1128 and let Kathleen Cockrell, Vice President and school liaison then the line-up will be more organized. Parade time will be at 10:00 a.m. The route will be traditional. From the football field to 94 by Sixth Street, 94 to the square, left and across 287 to Front St. right on Front and through the downtown area where floats will be judged. Left onto US 287 to N Crow and back to the football field. There are several prime viewing spots but one that is seldom used is SH 94. The kids are anxious to throw their candy and they have only a few viewers. Parking at the school near the bus ramp or the Church of Christ parking area is ideal. Bring your lawn chair and enjoy the sites.

Our college pick of the week is Danielle Traub. Danielle writes: " Time truly does fly by! This past spring was an amazing experience all in itself. I had so many different doors opened and have made new connections with professors that have really helped me in my future goals. Starting this fall, I will be a senior at Sam Houston State University and I couldn't be happier.

My personal goal is to become a zoological veterinarian and to specialize in feline medicine. This spring I took several of the steps to get into veterinary school, such as taking the GRE and obtaining experience in a clinical setting. I was very fortunate to come across the veterinarians at Long Veterinary Clinic, who have invested so much of their time in teaching me how a clinic runs and showing me different procedures. I am currently in the process of sending off my applications to three veterinary schools, and will know their decisions by the end of the fall term.

All in all, my junior year of college has gone really well and I'm so close to the finish line I can almost taste it! This summer will be spent getting started on a new personal research project using CT technology and using my time to gain even more clinical experience. I am really looking forward to my last year at SHSU and can't wait to start the next chapter in my life! I want to extend my gratitude toward the Ex-Students Association and all those who have contributed to making my dreams a reality. Without your support, none of this would be possible. Sincerely, Danielle Traub"

An end to an era is about to happen. I have been President of the Groveton Ex-Students Association for several years. It is my belief an organization will stagnate if it doesn't have fresh and new ideas introduced by folks with new and renovating ideas. This being said, the nominating committee will be announcing their recommendations for three positions during our bi-annual business meeting at 3:00 p.m. on October 24, 2014. Charlotte Tullos Y'Barbo, Secretary and Tommy Walton, Entertainment Chairman currently fills the two other positions that will become vacant. These are volunteer positions and the people nominated have accepted the challenge of growing our association into bigger and better. Our nominating committee chairman is Don Hamilton. He has worked very hard searching for volunteers willing to step up to the plate and they promise to do their best to not only maintain but also grow our beloved organization. I'm not moving away, I'm just stepping back. I will write an article next week and do my best to thank all the workers involved with Homecoming 2014, announce the Homecoming Float winners and touch on introducing the new officers. It has been an experience. I've disappointed some; impressed some plus I've made some new friends and lost some old ones. As any good leader knows, you can't please everyone. Our goal is and will continue to be to help and encourage Groveton Indians to attain a higher education. It is doable so be an encourager and as our school prepares our students for graduation, help us prepare to assist them financially for a higher education.

One more to go...