Groveton Ex-Student News - 11-20-2014

By Martha Harrison Mericle
GHS Class of '72

This is the final "Thank You" article for Homecoming 2014. I know it's been weeks of thank you but it was also weeks of planning. I know I have missed someone important so I will apologize now.

Thank you to First Baptist Church for allowing the committee to meet in your fellowship hall under the supervision of member Darlene Pyle. Your hospitality has not gone unnoticed and we appreciate the use of your facility. Thank you to Josserand Baptist Church for the use of your copy machine. We were able to produce our newsletter and Hall of Fame Program. Paying the actual use of the machine was so much more reasonable than paying retail prices. We watched every penny preparing for homecoming and you are appreciated. A special Thank you to the 8th Grade Journalism Class under the leadership of Mrs. Sally Seale. Excellent articles and pictures that will be keepsakes for many! Thank you to the Groveton News! You are as handy as a pocket on a shirt! We appreciate the advertising opportunity and we contribute a grand portion of our success to your voice. We thank you for publishing the Smoke Signal and the follow-up coverage of articles and pictures. Your coverage of the parade and the homecoming festivities was exceptional. Thank you to McClain's Hardware for the donation of electricity to fuel the band during the street dance and to the other downtown businesses that opened their doors to attendees. Thank you to all of these faith based folks and our local businesses for their portion of our success.

To the current college students of GHS: December grades are fast approaching. We need a copy of your grades, your spring coversheet and your thank you letter before the process of cutting checks. Remember this is a process and not magic. The sooner we receive your request, the sooner your check will be mailed. On a good day, this takes a minimum of three weeks so do not delay or procrastinate! You may mail your information to Groveton Ex-Students, Attn: Scholarship Claim, PO Box 70, Groveton TX 75845-0070. 
 There are students that will not make good grades; yes it's true. The scholarship rules state you must maintain a GPA of 2.5 while taking 12 credited hours. If you fail to meet this, two truths are guaranteed. If your GPA is less than 2.5 for the current semester but above prior to today or if this is your first semester, then you will be placed on PROBATION. This means you will receive your spring monies if you submit the three requirements. If this is your second semester below 2.5, you will NOT receive any assistance from us. You may redeem yourself by improving your GPA to 2.5 or above so be sure to apply during the month of March 2015 for next year's scholarships. If you have any scholarship questions, please contact us and we will help. Your success is very important to all of us. Until next time...

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.