Indians battle with San Augustine’s Wolves in exciting contest

By Jean Rasbeary

Despite injury, Sophomore Safety Davuarrio Horace intercepts the pass in the 2nd quarter and returns it 34 yards into Indian territory. (Photo by Martha Mericle)Despite injury, Sophomore Safety Davuarrio Horace intercepts the pass in the 2nd quarter and returns it 34 yards into Indian territory. (Photo by Martha Mericle)Where to begin? It was a special night at Groveton Indian Stadium.

A big crowd gathered in anticipation of Remax skydivers landing on the football field flying Groveton Indian flag, the Texas flag, the flag of the United States of America and bringing the football for the game, fireworks and Free hotdogs for all elementary students!

Groveton's Saul Chavez kicked off to the San Augustine Wolves and the contest began. San Augustine only took 6 plays to put the first of many points on the scoreboard. We watched an All-State running back, K. J. Davis, show his stuff! The extra point try was no good. Groveton took the kickoff on the 15 yard line as Saul carried for 10 yards. 14 plays later, Groveton scored aided by a 15 yard personal foul against the Wolves.

Haden Terry, quarterback, scored on a 1 yard run and the extra point try was good. With 3.25 left in the first quarter, the Indians led 7 – 6. The wolves started the next series on their own 28 yard line but K. J. Davis was stopped twice for no gain as the Indian defense stiffened and three pass attempts were incomplete. Quarterback/punter Gavin Murr punted the ball back to the Indians as they began on their own 28 yard line. As we approached mid field, we received two major penalties and then fumbled the ball. The Wolves recovered the fumble and promptly scored on a 3 yard run by K. J. Davis. The extra point try was no good.

San Augustine 12 – Groveton 7 with :02 left in the first quarter. San Augustine kicked off to Groveton to begin the second quarter as Matt Howell caught the kickoff on our 30 yard line. However, the Wolves' defense shut the Indians down gaining only 3 yards and losing 5 so Saul punted for 39 yards and San Augustine started play on their 27 yard line. With 5:45 left in the second quarter, the Wolves scored on a 14 yard pass play and the extra point play was good for 2 points. San Augustine 20 – Groveton 7.

The Indians started the next series on their own 43 yard line with nice gains from running back Jac Cole, a 10 yard pass from quarterback Cade Steubing to Saul Chavez and a 30 yard pass from Steubing to Ethan Cathey. The Indians had the ball on San Augustine's 3 yard line but could not push it over the goal line so the Wolves took over but they were stopped by Davuarrio Horace as he intercepted a pass on the 40 yard line and carried for 27 yards! The Indians got a 5 yard penalty, Steubing passed to Saul for 40 yards before the penalty bug jumped on us again. The Indians found it hard to move the ball as three pass plays were incomplete before the halftime. As the 3rd quarter began, the Wolves kicked off and Eli Stewart took the ball on Groveton's 18 yard line and made a thrilling run to the end zone, however, it was called back as the Indians were caught holding. Mistakes are deadly in this game! The Indians couldn't move the ball so Saul punted it back to the Wolves and then made a good play to stop the punt returner. The Wolves were also called for a 10 yard penalty. Seven plays later, the Wolves scored on a 20 yard run & the extra point was no good. With 7:35 left in the 3rd quarter, San Augustine 26 – Groveton 7. As the Wolves kicked off to the Indians, the ball rolled to the 49 yard line and no one from the Indian team covered the ball. So, San Augustine pounced on the ball and took off on the 49 yard line. K. J. Davis made a 24 yard run and a 15 yard run before catching a 24 yard pass for a touchdown.

The extra point try was no good.

The score is now 32 – 7. The Indians lost 2 yards, Eli Stewart ran for 1 yard and a pass from Steubing to Saul Chavez was incomplete so Saul punted a booming kick for 52 yards! 11 plays later, Tijay Thomas scored on a 1 yard run and the extra point try was no good. After taking the Wolves kickoff on his own 15, Eli Stewart carried the ball for 25 yards so the Indians began work on their own 40 yard line. Eli carried for a 53 yard romp to the Wolves 7 yard line. There was a fumble but Groveton recovered it after losing 3 yards. San Augustine was penalized twice and the Indians were on the 1 yard line but they could not score so the Wolves took over on their own 1 yard line. Tijay Thomas and Gavin Murr kept pounding away until they carried the ball 99 yards and the Wolves final score. With 1:37 left in the ball game, the Wolves were 44 and the Indians 7. So, the San Augustine Wolves have defeated the Indians three times since 2016. It was a disappointing loss and the Indians will face the Buffalo Bisons on the road next Friday night.